Here are the various things that I work on. Not really listed in any particular order.

Mandrake Linux
I contribute to the cooker development process.
I'm a member of the Mandrake Secteam.
I also contribute to the PPC architecture version of Mandrake.
I participate as a volunteer for the Mandrake Club packaging user requests.
I also maintain my own archive of packages for Mandrake.
I wrote and maintain a bootstrap package for installing the Microsoft True Type Core Fonts. Makes it easy for users to install.
I wrote and maintain a CGI for querying the maintainer/owner of a package in Mandrake.

A new version control system intended to replace CVS. I've worked on various parts of the code, but have done most of the SVN::Client perl bindings work. I maintain the Mandrake packages of subversion and also include packages of it for various releases of Mandrake on my personal package archives.

Siaer Networks, Inc.
This is my current business. Details of what we do are still developing.
Automated site I wrote several years ago that tracks the National Debt of the United States of America

I maintain a site with information about EchoStar/Dish Network's Dishplayer sattelite receiver. Included are instructions on how to upgrade the hard drive and a variety of codes to make the unit do various things.

I do some minor work on this IM client from time to time and maintain the packages of it for Mandrake.

I did a talk about Poe::Component::IRC and make available the source to a basic Poe built bot called LiMuBai. P::C::I is programming library for interfacing to IRC.

Echelon Armor
An amusing little program that's a Base64 encoder except it does it with keywords that might be interesting to Echelog. It was a joke back from the Jam Echelon Days. Before anyone asks no I don't really think this sort of program has any effect on a system like Echelon. It was just something amusing to do.

Haven't really done anything with this in ages but I ported the mod to Solaris x86.

I've contributed to this project which is a jukebox program for Linux. I've also posted my config and the pronto (a cool remote control) config that goes with it.

mutt is my favorite mail client. In the past I've participated in the mutt-users mailing list. I also provide a patch for urlview that makes it function properly with sites that use commas in their URLs.

kicq is a ICQ client for KDE. I did some work on it. But I've moved to ayttm. I still have a patch up for it on my site though.

A module for authenticating in apache via an Oracle database.

Designed to look for up to date RPMS on a cronjob. Never really finished this project though. One of these days I will.

Traya isn't really a project but more like a prank that I pulled and ended up duping in the process.

A random collection of stuff that I find useful. Including a CGI that converts to Cisco's access list masking format. And a CIDR table.